The current (and next) term dates can be found here
Under 8s: 30 minutes Over 8s: 50 minutes
The maximum number of students per class is 4
From £11 per 30 minute session / From £15 per 50 minute session. We offer early payment discounts on new term renewals, so it is possible to pay less for your / your child's lessons.
Group classes which offer great value and also provide several other benefits to the student. Within a group dynamic, students are able to "feed" off each other; they have the opportunity to develop communication skills, and appreciate their own and others' achievements.
Unfortunately, due to the nature of group lessons, we cannot refund missed lessons.
We try to organise our group lessons as much as possible by ability and age group.
In some cases we are able to provide one to one tuition, although availability is very limited. We highly recommend that students try our group sessions first!