The Musiclab Terms & Conditions

Term & Conditions for The Musiclab Pupils and Parents of.

1) Invoicing and payment of lesson fees

The Musiclab teaching terms generally coincide with the local school terms. Lessons are to be paid before the start of each term, or monthly by standing order.

Renewal letters / Invoices will be sent to you via the email address given to us when you enrol. Please ensure this email address is kept up to date and inform us of any changes in contact details and email addresses.

You will receive your renewal letter / invoice two weeks before the end of term, for the following term. The invoice will show deadlines of payment and options of payment methods.

These renewal letter / invoices will continue to be sent to you unless you leave the school. Each invoice will be for the following full term. We do not charge for Half-term holidays or Bank Holidays, although supplementary lessons are sometimes available.

All tuition fees that are paid by the last day of term, will be subject to a discount.

Payment can be made online, via credit or debit card, or in person, by cheque or cash.

2) Lesson Alterations

We aim to ensure that lessons are as consistent as possible; however there will be times where alterations are necessary:

  • Teacher's absence: In the event of a teacher being absent, we will organise for an alternative, teacher to cover. If this is not possible, the teacher will endeavour to make this lesson up before the end of term. This often takes place during half-term.
  • Change in Pupil Ability: We constantly monitor classes to ensure that progress is being made and that classes are suitable for all who attend. Naturally, pupils within a class may progress quicker than others, resulting in the need to re-structure a group. Again, this will only occur to ensure the progress and enjoyment of lessons for each individual pupil.
  • Weather Conditions: If weather such as snow is forecast, we will continue to run lessons unless we feel it is dangerous to our teachers and pupils. If we have to cancel a lesson due to weather conditions, we will notify you at the earliest opportunity and endeavour to make the lesson up as soon as possible. If a pupil does not attend a lesson, or the rescheduled lesson provided due to weather conditions, but their particular teacher is on site teaching, the lesson will be forfeited.

3) Lesson Cancellations
On rare occasions we may need to cancel a lesson. On these occasions lessons will be rescheduled. If we are unable to reschedule a lesson, or you are unable to attend the rescheduled lesson in holiday time, the lesson fee will be credited against the following terms fees.

We will always notify you of a cancelled lesson via phone or email, which will be sent to a designated parent/guardian with the contact details that have been given to us.

If a pupil misses a lesson which is not as a consequence of a Musiclab cancellation, the lesson is forfeited.

If you are aware that you / your child will miss certain dates during an upcoming term, we will not charge for these lessons provided you inform us of the dates prior to making your payment / deposit payment for that term.

One to one lessons may be cancelled without charge, providing they are cancelled with 24 hours notice. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged.

4) Leaving the school
If you wish to withdraw from lessons, please remember that you can do so only at the end of a term, and that fees cannot be refunded once you have committed to a full term.

Notice must be made to our admin office  via email

If you wish to cancel lessons before the end of term, you will forfeit your lessons.

5) Safety of Pupils
The school and the teachers only accept responsibility for the safety of pupils once they are under the teachers' supervision, within the class room. We recommend that parents should escort children to the lesson, and pick them up at the end of the lesson.

6) Collection of pupils
There must be a designated parent/guardian assigned to the collection of each pupil who is under 16, as well as a secondary parent/guardian. Should, for any reason, you need to make arrangements for an alternative person to collect your child, you must inform the staff so that we can ensure the safety of your child.

If you are running late, it is imperative that you contact the staff, so that we can ensure the safety of your child and continue supervision until you arrive. However, we do ask that every effort must be made on your behalf to collect your child on time.

8) Variation to the Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may be updated on occasion. You will be notified of any changes in advance via email. If you do not agree with changes to these terms and conditions, you are entitled to terminate the lessons by providing us with half a terms notice (fee payable), in writing. Terms and Conditions are published on our website.