Term Dates

Spring Term 2020
Term Starts: Sunday 5th January
Half Term (closed): Monday 17th February to Sunday 23rd February inclusive
Term Ends: Saturday 4th April
Term length: 12 weeks 


Term Starts: Sunday 5th April

Half Term (closed): Monday 25th May to Sunday 31st May inclusive
Depending on the situation, it’s possible that we may continue to run lessons during the half-term week. We will notify you in advance if this is the case.

Term Ends: Saturday 11th July

If lessons run during the May Half-Term week, then the term end date will be Saturday 4th July

Term length: 13 weeks

We will continue to assess the situation as it develops. If the term does end on 4th July, we will schedule an optional “mini-term” of a few weeks, so that there is not a 2 month gap between tuition (early July to September). We should be able to better assess this within the next couple of months.