27 Apr

Firstly, the guitar has six strings- from fattest to thinnest, this goes:


You can find tuners for pretty cheap, they are quite useful, and mean you can tune your instrument without having to listen out for intervals or tune by ear. However, for those of you old skool players, you can always tune by ear, assuming the fattest E is in tune; here's how.

1. Play 5th fret on the fat E string, and play open on the A string. These notes should sound the same, if they dont, tune the A string accordingly. Repeat this as follows:

2. 5th fret on the A is equivalent to open on the D string.

3. 5th fret on the D is equivalent to open on the G string.

4. 4th fret on the G is equivalent to open on the B string.

5. 5th fret on the B is equivalent to open on the thin E string.

Re-Stringing Your guitar

Guitar strings sound best when new but slightly worn in, I find mine sound best when they have been on the guitar for 2-4 days. They should be restrung around once a month if you are performing, but theres no real urgency to restring them if you arent, you might as well just wait until one snaps and change all the strings. OK enough talk, heres how to restring:

1. Remove the original strings, you can do this one at a time or all at once, some people say that doing them all at once is bad for the action of the guitar, but I have never had that problem myself.

2. Now, one string at a time, starting on either fat or thin E, slide the string through the action and pull it tight.

3. Now measure 1 and a half to 2 inches past the point where the string meets the tuning head, and cut the string there.

4. Loop the string end through the hole in the tuning head and hold the string tight with one hand whilst twisting the tuning head to tighten the string.

5. Try and keep the coils in a neat row on the tuning head, you should have 2-3 coils around the hole where you put the string in once you have finished. 

6. Repeat this step for the remaining strings and give the strings a bit of a tug outwards, and tune up. Do this 3 or 4 times to ensure the strings don't stretch and de-tune while you play.  

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